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Alliance Chieftain

Role: Combat

The Alliance Chieftain has been designed not only to dish out punishment, but to avoid it. Manufactured by Lakon Spaceways, the Chieftain is more manoeuvrable than ships of similar size and weight, and its combat profile means it can more than hold its own in a fight. The ship also boasts three internal military compartments, allowing the pilot to equip a shield cell bank, hull reinforcements and module reinforcements.

Chieftain: Front Chieftain: Side Chieftain: Top Chieftain: Bottom Chieftain: 3D

  Tiny Small Medium Large Huge
Hard points 0 3 1 2 0


  Length Width Height
Dimensions 68.1m 58.5m 19.9m

Landing pads

  Core internals Class Base fitting
Power Plant Power Plant 6 6E
Thrusters Thrusters 6 6E
Frame Shift Drive Frame Shift Drive 5 5E
Life support Life Support 5 5E
Power Distributor Power Distributor 6 6E
Sensors Sensors 4 4E
Fuel Tank Fuel Tank 4 4C
Optional internals Base fitting
Class 6 5E Cargo Rack
Class 5 5E Shield Generator
Class 4 3E Cargo Rack
Class 2 Empty
Class 2 1E Basic Discovery Scanner
Class 4 [military] Empty
Class 4 [military] Empty
Class 4 [military] Empty
Thrusters Engine pips Boost Yaw Pitch Roll
A Rated 173 m/s → 267 m/s 383 m/s 19 o/s 44 o/s 104 o/s
B Rated 169 m/s → 260 m/s 373 m/s 18 o/s 43 o/s 102 o/s
C Rated 164 m/s → 253 m/s 362 m/s 18 o/s 42 o/s 99 o/s
D Rated 158 m/s → 243 m/s 348 m/s 17 o/s 40 o/s 95 o/s
E Rated 153 m/s → 235 m/s 338 m/s 16 o/s 39 o/s 92 o/s
All figures take from base layout with each thruster rating
  Base Maximum
Jump range 9.39LY 27.8LY
Shields 162MJ 422MJ A rated + shield boosters
Armour  504 980
Utility slots 4
Mass lock factor 13
Crew seats 2
Multi crew 1
Fighter Bays [max] 0
Cargo [without shields] 112T
Hull mass 400T
Pad size Medium
Cost 19,382,250 CR