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Core Dynamics

Core Dynamics is a manufacturer of ships and equipment in the galaxy. They primarily specialise in producing combat ships. Currently it is a major supplier for the Federal Navy. It is also a manufacturer of various skimmers.

  Craft Introduced
S4 Sentry S4 "Sentry" Skimmer   1.4
Work in progress S5LM "Guardian" Skimmer   1.4
S9 Goliath S9 "Goliath" Skimmer   1.4
F63 Condor Federal Fighter F63 Condor Federal Fighter   1.4 for CQC, 2.2 for main game
Eagle Mk II Eagle Mk II   0.1 Alpha 4
Vulture Vulture   1.2
Federal Dropship Federal Dropship Midshipman 1.1
Federal Assault Ship Federal Assault Ship Chief Petty Officer 1.4
Federal Gunship Federal Gunship Ensign 1.4
Federal Corvette Federal Corvette Rear Admiral 1.5
Federal Capital Ship Federal Capital Ship   0.1 Alpha