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Role: Combat Freighter

This is Lakon Spaceways' new combat trader-class vessel, designed for hostile-environment deliveries and light support duties. It is based on the Type-6 frame but with extra weapon hardpoints. It has a reduced cargo capacity to support a higher class of powerplant, and can even accommodate a fighter bay. Its durability is improved by better defence capabilities for armour and shields. Its similar silhouette to the Type-6 makes it a suitable vessel for commerce raiding or convoy protection.

Keelback: Front Keelback: Side Keelback: Top Keelback: Bottom Keelback: 3D

  Tiny Small Medium Large Huge
Hard points 0 2 2 0 0


  Length Width Height
Dimensions 49.7m 40.3m 14.9m

Landing pads

  Core internals Class Base fitting
Power Plant Power Plant 4 4E
Thrusters Thrusters 4 4E
Frame Shift Drive Frame Shift Drive 4 4E
Life support Life Support 1 1E
Power Distributor Power Distributor 3 3E
Sensors Sensors 2 2E
Fuel Tank Fuel Tank 4 4C
Optional internals Base fitting
Class 5 4E Cargo Rack
Class 5 4E Cargo Rack
Class 4 3E Cargo Rack
Class 3 3E Shield Generator
Class 2 Empty
Class 2 1E Basic Discovery Scanner
Thrusters Engine pips Boost Yaw Pitch Roll
A Rated 101 m/s → 225 m/s 337 m/s 17 o/s 30 o/s 112 o/s
B Rated 98 m/s → 217 m/s 326 m/s 16 o/s 29 o/s 109 o/s
C Rated 95 m/s → 212 m/s 318 m/s 16 o/s 29 o/s 106 o/s
D Rated 93 m/s → 206 m/s 309 m/s 15 o/s 28 o/s 103 o/s
E Rated 91 m/s → 202 m/s 303 m/s 15 o/s 27 o/s 101 o/s
All figures take from base layout with each thruster rating
  Base Maximum
Jump range 10.94LY 29.0LY
Shields 99MJ 367MJ A rated + shield boosters
Armour 486 945
Utility slots 3
Mass lock factor 8
Crew seats 2
Multi crew 1
Fighter Bays [max] 1
Cargo [without shields] 96T
Hull mass 180T
Pad size Medium
Cost 3,126,150 CR