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S4 "Sentry"

Role: Surface Skimmer

This is the most widely used skimmer in the vast semi-automated security and protection industry throughout the galaxy, and a mainstay product for Core Dynamics. Comes as standard with a belly-mounted standard recoil-ready small weapon mount, which will take both kinetic and thermal weapons. Designed with an automated alert system so a single pilot can operate multiple drones.

S4 Sentry Skimmer: Front S4 Sentry Skimmer: Side S4 Sentry Skimmer: Top S4 Sentry Skimmer: Bottom S4 Sentry Skimmer: 3D

  Tiny Small Medium Large Huge
Hard points 1 0 0 0 0


  Length Width Height
Dimensions 3.1m 7.5m 2.18m

Landing pads

Thrusters Engine pips Boost Yaw Pitch Roll
as fitted 50 m/s - - - -
All figures take from base layout with each thruster rating
  Base Maximum
Jump range Not FSD capable n/a
Shields 5MJ n/a
Armour 0 n/a
Utility slots 0
Mass lock factor 0
Crew seats 0
Multi crew 0
Fighter Bays [max] 0
Cargo [without shields] 0T
Hull mass 16T