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S9 Goliath Skimmer

Role: Skimmer

Core Dynamics S9 'Goliath' skimmer – A very effective solution to your security needs. Using four surface thrusters this armoured and well-armed skimmer is the most effective on the market. Its greater cost means it is generally only used by military clients, and use is not permitted in some jurisdictions given their offensive abilities.

S9 Goliath skimmer: Front S9 Goliath skimmer: Side S9 Goliath skimmer: Top S9 Goliath skimmer: Bottom S9 Goliath skimmer: 3D elevation

  Small Medium Large Huge
Hard points 2 - - -


  Length Width Height
Dimensions 19.2m 17m 6m

Landing pads

  Core internals Class Base fitting
Power Plant Power Plant - n/a
Thrusters Thrusters - n/a
Frame Shift Drive Frame Shift Drive - n/a
Life support Life Support - n/a
Power Distributor Power Distributor - n/a
Sensors Sensors - n/a
Fuel Tank Fuel Tank - n/a
Optional internals Base fitting
Thrusters Engine pips Boost Roll Pitch Yaw
A Rated 30m/s → -m/s -m/s -o/s -o/s -o/s
B Rated -m/s → -m/s -m/s -o/s -o/s -o/s
C Rated -m/s → -m/s -m/s -o/s -o/s -o/s
D Rated -m/s → -m/s -m/s -o/s -o/s -o/s
E Rated -m/s → -m/s -m/s -o/s -o/s -o/s
Performance statistics are taken from default ship outfitting, changing only thruster rating, with no cargo.
  Base Maximum
Jump range noneLY noneLY
Shields 14MJ -MJ A rated + shield boosters
Armour noneT -T Military + hull reinforcement in military slots
Utility slots -
Mass lock factor n/a
Crew seats 0
Multi crew No
Fighter Bays (fighters) [max] n/a (n/a)
Cargo [without shields] -T
Hull mass 20T
Pad size n/a
Cost -CR