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Taipan Independant Fighter

Role: Ship Launched Fighter

The Taipan short-range fighter is Faulcon deLacy's response to the success of Core Dynamics' F-63 Condor and the Imperial Fighter designed by Gutamaya Shipyards for the Imperial Navy. The export restrictions on those models has left a wide gap in the market that Faulcon deLacy intends to exploit with the Taipan. Although most independent navies lack the large, capital-class carriers of the two larger superpowers, a range of smaller ships can be fitted with hangars to deploy small numbers of the craft. The Taipan can also act as a short-range critical-response fighter for starports and surface installations.

Taipan Independent Fighter: Front Taipan Independent Fighter: Side Taipan Independent Fighter: Top Taipan Independent Fighter: Bottom Taipan Independent Fighter: 3D elevation

  Small Medium Large Huge
Hard points 2 - - -


  Length Width Height
Dimensions 16.9m 13.9m 2.6m

Landing pads

  Core internals Class Base fitting
Power Plant Power Plant - -
Thrusters Thrusters - -
Frame Shift Drive Frame Shift Drive - -
Life support Life Support - -
Power Distributor Power Distributor - -
Sensors Sensors - -
Fuel Tank Fuel Tank - -
Optional internals (Class) Base fitting
Thrusters Engine pips Boost Roll Pitch Yaw
A Rated 211 m/s → 275 m/s 496 m/s 80 o/s 36 o/s 16 o/s
B Rated - m/s → - m/s - m/s o/s o/s o/s
C Rated -  m/s → - m/s - m/s o/s o/s o/s
D Rated - m/s → - m/s - m/s o/s o/s o/s
E Rated - m/s → - m/s - m/s o/s o/s o/s
Performance statistics are taken from default ship outfitting, changing only thruster rating, with no cargo.
  Base Maximum
Jump range LY LY
Shields 30 MJ 30 MJ A rated + shield boosters
Armour 45 T 45 T Military + hull reinforcement in military slots
Utility slots 1
Mass lock factor 0
Crew seats 1
Multi crew No
Fighter Bays (fighters) [max] - (-)
Cargo [without shields] T
Hull mass T
Pad size Fighter Bay
Cost 15,270 CR