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Viper Mk IV

Role: Multipurpose

Faulcon deLacy’s Viper Mk IV takes the Mk III model and beefs it up to a heavy fighter role. While it lacks the speed of the older ship, it enjoys much better protection from its shields and armour. With the capacity for a more capable power plant and frame shift drive, the Mk IV is also better suited for long-range patrols and rapid deployment. The power plant upgrade potential supports greater customisation for weapons and modules, making this a versatile fighter that would be an excellent addition to any navy or private-security concern.

Viper Mk IV: Front Viper Mk IV: Side Viper Mk IV: Top Viper Mk IV: Bottom Viper Mk IV: 3D

  Tiny Small Medium Large Huge
Hard points 0 2 2 0 0


  Length Width Height
Dimensions 29.9m 24.7m 8.7m

Landing pads

  Core internals Class Base fitting
Power Plant Power Plant 4 4E
Thrusters Thrusters 4 4E
Frame Shift Drive Frame Shift Drive 4 4E
Life support Life Support 2 2E
Power Distributor Power Distributor 3 3E
Sensors Sensors 3 3E
Fuel Tank Fuel Tank 4 4C
Optional internals Base fitting
Class 4 3E Cargo Rack
Class 4 3E Cargo Rack
Class 3 3E Shield Generator
Class 3 [military] Empty
Class 2 1E Cargo Rack
Class 2 Empty
Class 1 1E Basic Discovery Scanner
Thrusters Engine pips Boost Yaw Pitch Roll
A Rated 195 m/s → 300 m/s 377 m/s 13 o/s 33 o/s 100 o/s
B Rated 189 m/s → 290 m/s 366 m/s 13 o/s 32 o/s 97 o/s
C Rated 185 m/s → 284 m/s 358 m/s 13 o/s 32 o/s 95 o/s
D Rated 180 m/s → 277 m/s 349 m/s 12 o/s 31 o/s 92 o/s
E Rated 176 m/s → 271 m/s 342 m/s 12 o/s 30 o/s 90 o/s
All figures take from base layout with each thruster rating
  Base Maximum
Jump range 10.36LY 27.4LY
Shields 103MJ 318MJ A rated + shield boosters
Armour 270  525
Utility slots 2
Mass lock factor 7
Crew seats 1
Multi crew 0
Fighter Bays [max] 0
Cargo [without shields] 50T
Hull mass 190T
Pad size Small
Cost 437,930 CR