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"Keep the ship charts coming" fundraiser


My fundraiser started on Thursday and ended in success on Sunday.

I cannot express how thankful and blow away I am by the generosity of the Elite: Dangerous community. Over £500 in three days! Things happened fast. The donations rose quickly from a tenner to £100 to £280 then suddenly, over £500. Meantime I got an email from Corel with a 20% off voucher for the weekend! Providence? 

So with the funds raised already enough, I ended the fundraiser and put in my order in.

I have sent all my supporters a download link from my SynologyDrive (NAS storage) with a Readme.txt. 

A special and huge thank you to the following people. Please message me via the comments or Facebook to arrange your custom blueprints.

Dan Grubb, David Campbell, Psykokow P Madkow, Shaun Pond, John Virgo, Spencer Cook, Peter Wotherspoon, Jason Lessard, Leroy Squire, Ann Sheffield,Richard Clark, Dave Irfan, Jim Bee donated, Trev Moss, Phil Ellis, Richard Hudson, Jerry Pringle, Andy Hollings, Simon Knowles Winnard, David Pearson, Jakob Andreassohn-Schmidt, Ben Draper, Mike Snoswell & Steve Giller.