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Ship Size Chart "3305 Edition"

Having added a number of new ships, I thought I'd revisit an old concept.

The size comparison chart that got me started on the blueprint project. I wanted something for the LaveCon raffle this year, so a poster is most likely going to be the thing. Below is a 4K bitmap of what will be an A0 poster.


The poster is done and will be in the LaveCon raffle this year.


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  • CMDR Arithon

    11/23/2020 9:04:25 AM | Reply

    Hi Andy, because of space constraints it was more a game of tetris than anything else. I had to squeeze the ships in where they would fit. The specifications were added afterward. Also, at the time I only had the 32bit CorelDRAW which kept crashing due to the document being at the limits of what it could handle.