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Vehicle icons

After publishing vectors of the ships and vehicles from Elite: Dangerous that I had compiled while drawing my ship blueprints over the last year or so, I had a lot of interest from other members of the community who wanted to use them in their own projects.

As long as my blog gets a mention (somewhere) and nobody tries to take credit for the work I've done, I'm very happy for anyone to do this and actively encourage such creativity. 

With this in mind, a CMDR had emailed me asking for vectors - this time of the isometric projections which were not included in the vectors I published previously. So, to address this I've created 256px x 256px icons for every vehicle in the game in PNG and SVG (vecor) formats. These are available to download in a single ZIP file here.

ed-vehicle-icons-png.zip (1.28 mb)

ed-vehicle-icons-svg.zip (5.74 mb)

And they look like this..

Adder Anaconda Asp Explorer Asp Scout

Beluga Liner Cobra Mk.3 Cobra Mk.4 Diamondback Explorer

Diamondback Scout Dolphin Eagle F63 Condor

Federal Assault Ship Federal capital ship Farragut class battlecruiser Federal Corvette Federal Dropship

Federal Gunship Fer De Lance GU97 Imperial Fighter Hauler

Imperial capital ship Majestic class interdictor Imperial Clipper Imperial Courier Imperial Cutter

Imperial Eagle Keelback Orca Python

Scarab SRV Sidewinder Coriolis Station Taipan Independant Fighter

Thargoid Interceptor Thargoid Scout Thargoid Sensor Type-6 Transporter

Type-7 Transporter Type-9 Heavy Viper Mk.3 Viper Mk.4


Comments (2) -

  • CMDR Leto

    12/17/2017 5:23:33 AM | Reply

    Awesome, thank you. Will be using them for emoticons, will credit you. Smile

    Will you be updating them when new ships are released?

    • CMR Arithon

      12/17/2017 7:44:58 PM | Reply

      Yep. Keep an eye out for Type-10 Defender Icon Soon..