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Weekend codex patch

Over this weekend I fixed some missing ship views pointed out on the Frontier forums - the Type-9 and Mamba were "bottom"-less.

People seemed a bit confused by the ships being sorted by manufacturer, then ship name - so I've added a sorting menu, so the user can re-order the vehicles in a variety of ways.

I've modified the menu a bit, to accommodate the sort button and I've moved the language selection to button dropdown.

Under the hood, I've changed all the numeric stats from strings to numbers, as they were causing odd behaviours when trying to sort with them. This is now done. If you want additional sort orders, as usual all requests written in pencil on a ten pound note.

I've also changed the release version dates so that JavaScript can understand them. This was so I could use date locales instead of trying a more clumsy month-name translation. The date is suffixed with the vehicle age in years.