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EGX Sunday

Today was the home stretch. My feet were used to the abuse. The Frontier guys and girls were taking really good care of us with lots of water, vitamin C tablets, food and breaks through the whole event. Nobody got burned out. Poor Alex was starting to suffer with cold though.

One visitor kept coming back (third or fourth time) and chatting with him for at least the second time, it transpired that it was a member of Dead Men Walking gaming community. Small world!

On the way in on Sunday morning I met a Dad with two young sons (9 & 11) and they were chatting with me about Elite on the tube to Earls Court. They came straight to our stand when the doors opened and the elder boy got to knock “Play with Oculus Rift DK2” off his show bucket list first thing. He kept telling his Dad “This is awesome Dad, we have to get this!” the whole time he was playing.

So many people were coming in saying “my friend dragged me here to see this, he wouldn’t shut up about the game!” and left saying “I’m going to pre-order now!”.

Doors closed at 7pm and I managed a go on one of the new tutorial missions where you attack a guarded convoy, then it was time to do battle with tube closures and make my way back home to Kent.

The Elite: Dangerous stand won "Best Booth" and "Best PC Game" awards.