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Elite Dangerous Ship Blueprints 3.0 Update

Update January 2019 - all these blueprints have been superseded by the new "3305 Editions" here which include hard-point and utility slot locations.  

With the addition of the Dolphin, I have republished the full set with a few additions. There are size corrections on the Viper Mk III and I've added ZIP copies of all the JPEG version of each language. Additionally, the remaining translations have been applied, so this is the most complete set to date.

Thanks to CMDR Noxa on reddit for finding out who manufactures the Corilios station.

Thanks also to all the others on Twitter, Reddit and the Frontier forums who have been spotting errors and mistakes and letting me know. It's been very helpful to have so many people proofreading this lot! As you can imagine, while most of this work has been done in my lunch hour, there have been a few nights where I burnt the midnight oil and almost certainly copied numbers from the wrong spreadsheet column!

Thanks to CMDR Aidan Abacus & the CMDRs of www.elitedangerous.de for German translations. Thanks to CMDR Nicou, CMDR Aymerix & CMDR Duita Rider of www.elite-dangerous.fr for French translations. Thanks to CMDR Nyra, with the help of CMDR Kimanuel and CMDR XPi2, from Corsarios de Heimdal for Spanish translations.

  Craft Manufacturer 1920x1080 4096x2305
Stinger-2 Attack Skimmer Achilles Corporation
S4 Sentry Skimmer Core Dynamics
S9 Goliath Skimmer Core Dynamics
Scarab SRV Vodel
F63 Condor Federal Fighter Core Dynamics
GU-97 Imperial fighter Gutamaya
Taipan Independent Fighter Lakon Spaceways
Sidewinder Faulcon DeLacy
Eagle Mk II Core Dynamics
Hauler Zorgon Peterson
Adder Zorgon Peterson
Dolphin Saud Kruger
Imperial Eagle Gutamaya
Viper MK III Faulcon DeLacy
Cobra Mk III Faulcon DeLacy
Viper Mk IV Faulcon DeLacy
Diamondback Scout Lakon Spaceways
Cobra Mk IV Faulcon DeLacy
Type 6 Transporter Lakon Spaceways
Diamondback Explorer Lakon Spaceways
Imperial Courier Gutamaya
Keelback Lakon Spaceways
Asp Scout Lakon Spaceways
Vulture Core Dynamics
Asp Explorer Lakon Spaceways
Federal Dropship Core Dynamics
Type 7 Transporter Lakon Spaceways
Alliance Chieftain Lakon Spaceways
Federal Assault Ship Core Dynamics
Imperial Clipper Gutamaya
Federal Gunship Core Dynamics
Orca Saud Kruger
Fer De Lance Zorgon Peterson
Python Faulcon DeLacy
Type 9 Heavy Lakon Spaceways
Beluga Liner Saud Kruger
Type-10 Defender Lakon Spaceways
Anaconda Faulcon DeLacy
Federal Corvette Core Dynamics
Imperial Cutter Gutamaya
Majestic Class Interdictor Gutamaya
Farragut Battle Cruiser Core Dynamics
Coriolis Station Brewer Corp
Thargoid Sensor Thargoids
Thargoid Marauder Thargoids
Thargoid Cyclops Thargoids


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  • Balmung

    7/21/2017 4:10:32 PM |

    Nice Idea, but not so well made. The white Boxes on the Background are not only there for deko, they match with the scale of the arrows, that also are wrong drawn in the pictures.

    So by now that are Pictures that only look like Blueprints, but they are none.

    • CMDR Arithon

      7/22/2017 11:30:54 AM |

      Feel free to create something better. I stand ready to be amazed.

      • CMDR Arkwellen

        7/24/2017 5:03:01 PM |

        Grüße Arithon,

        anscheinend ist mein Vor-post irgendwie in Rauch aufgegangen, daher hier als Reply und hoff kommt dann nicht doppelt.
        Frage war, ob man Deine Blaupausen für einen Einsteiger Guide verwenden darf. Der Aktuelle sieht so aus :
        www.se-corps.de/.../Einsteiger Guide 07.07.17.pdf

        • CMDR Arithon

          6/26/2018 4:44:00 PM |

          As long as you credit my blog somewhere and don't alter the blueprints, you may use them with my blessing.

          Solange du meinen Blog irgendwo anrechnest und die Blaupausen nicht änderst, kannst du sie mit meinem Segen benutzen.

  • CMDR Kokonutz

    7/22/2017 2:34:14 PM |

    Came here from the reddit post. These are amazing!

  • Craith

    7/22/2017 9:22:27 PM |

    I really like your blueprints, I removed the gradient from the background, changed the colours around so the paper is white and the ships blue and printed it for my 8yo son ... he is happy to have something to read about his favourite ships. Looking forward for the other German translated ships, will print them too and make a folder for him.

    one small thing, the Taipan has German and French descriptions on top of each other

    • CMDR Arithon

      7/26/2017 9:44:18 AM |

      Thanks for letting me know. I will get that fixed.

  • CMDR Arkwellen

    7/24/2017 4:48:29 PM |

    Grüße Arithon,
    ich wollte Fragen ob man Deine Blaupausen für einen Einsteiger Guide verwenden darf. Der Aktuelle würde so aussehen www.se-corps.de/.../...iger%20Guide%2007.07.17.pdf

    Grüße Arkwellen

    • CMDR Arithon

      7/26/2017 9:46:32 AM |

      That's an impressive document already. A number of people have requested access to the vectors. I am looking into it. It's just a LOT of work to prepare. Currently the documents have four language layers, so consistent extraction is not a File->Export operation; at least to start with. Soon...

  • CMDR GeekOnFiiire

    7/24/2017 10:16:31 PM |

    Nice! I love it! Is there any way to have them without the watermark to use, for say, as wallpaper?

    Thanks, keep up the good work!

  • CMDR David Arrow

    7/25/2017 2:35:50 AM |

    These are amazing!

    Any chance of on option to pay for individual vector files? I'd love to get one of these printed in large format and mounted on my wall.

  • Hixxie

    11/18/2017 4:17:04 PM |

    Any chance I can get the 4096x2305 version in PNG for the Anaconda?

  • Brent

    1/6/2018 4:10:07 AM |

    I know this is kind of an old post but I noticed that the dimensions for the Diamondback Explorer in the specs on the right don't match those shown next to the picture on the left. The stats on the right are for the scout, not the explorer.

    • CMDR Arithon

      1/6/2018 8:36:45 PM |

      Brent, I've fixed it and sent you a PDF of the revised version. Thanks for the spot.

      • Brent

        1/8/2018 6:26:00 AM |

        Happy to help o7


    7/13/2018 10:30:09 AM |

    when will the blueprint schemes of the new ships be available ???

    krait mk II and alliance challenge

    • CMDR Arithon

      1/19/2019 11:32:18 AM |

      When free time allows Smile The Krait is posted.

  • Cmdr Voodoo Le Strange

    10/14/2018 11:35:08 AM |

    Beautiful work, sir. 5/5 STARS. I've used the diagrams a lot when choosing armament types for new ships, to quickly check out the locations of the hardpoints.
    It would be really cool if you marked up external Utility Mounts too, since their locations are not obvious at all on some ships when you're trying to place directional utilities like Point Defence turrets. But that's just me asking for extra icing on an already great tasting cake (forgive the terrible analogy).
    Keep up these most excellent works. o7

    • CMDR Arithon

      1/19/2019 11:37:15 AM |

      Thanks. If I ever finish the codex I may go back over the blueprints and add utilty mount locations. The issue of free time is the biggest roadblock. I've also been asked to translate them all into German, French, Spanish and Chinese. This is kind of an endless project!

  • CMDR Mizin

    12/19/2018 1:47:57 PM |

    Hi there! Wonderful job with the blueprints, they look like a charm on the wallpaper!
    Are you maybe planning on adding anything of the new stuff? Alliance Challenger/Crusader, Guardian SLFs, maybe some megaships?
    Also, are you on Patreon maybe? That's some credit-worthy stuff!

    • CMDR Arithon

      1/19/2019 11:35:02 AM |

      When free time allows I will add the new ships and fighters. Keep reading. They ARE coming.

    • CMDR Arithon

      1/24/2019 2:15:19 PM |

      The challenger is done, as is the XG7 & XG9. All of these will be release soon in a major refresh of the blueprint series.
      No, I'm not on Patreon. I do this (blog) and it's content as a hobby.

  • CMDR DT-Spectre

    1/29/2019 4:04:18 AM |

    Nice work for a s'Falenn bastard :-D

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