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The Ship Backbone

Frontier have often referenced something they call the "Ship Backbone" a mythical construct where the ships from the game are placed. This backbone is supposed to have a complete and reasonably well distributed range of ships from least to best in all the various categories. But what does this backbone look like? Are there gaps? Does the game have a slight hunch?

I thought I would lay out the backbone to see. By rating the ships on various scales (max speed, best FSD range, max armour, max cargo) I would see the backbone visualised.

So here is the backbone of ships (2.2) by maximum speed (not boost and without any engineering).

Comparing max speed

What we see with max speed is a number of gaps and clusters. The max boost speed chart changes the layout a lot, with the Cobra Mk 3 jumping to top place. Interesting that the Clipper and Orca are the fastest of the large vessels.

Comparing max speed

In my next post, I'll look at jump range and cargo capacity.

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  • Sebastien

    12/31/2016 10:20:27 AM | Reply

    Just found your blog through the ED forum, and had to leave a message. Really enjoying your posts and your blueprints are fantastic!

    Great job, CMDR o7

  • freiheit

    1/9/2017 9:57:14 PM | Reply

    Interesting view...

    I think for the small ships with a class 2 or 3 thruster slot, the speed with Enhanced thrusters should be included (probably as a separate item). You need access to an engineer to buy Enhanced Thrusters, but they are standard non-engineered parts.

    Max/boost with enhanced thrusters, for relevant ships:

    Imperial Eagle: 480/640
    Viper: 478/598
    Imperial Courier: 448/608
    Eagle: 384/560
    Adder: 352/512
    Sidewinder: 352/512
    Hauler: 320/480