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All 1.5 ships confirmed - good news and bad news

Frontier have now announced the full roster of ships for the 1.5 update in December. But it's good news and bad news.

The bad news first;

  • No Panther LX
  • No passenger ships (Belga liner and Dolphin) and so we can take this as confirmation that there will be no passenger missions added in 1.5.
  • Two of the 30 playable ships are CQCC only ships (not playable in the core game) which to my thinking should not strictly speaking count.

The good news;

  • The Federal Corvette and Imperial Cutter all confirmed.
  • Three other new ships named Lakon Keelback, Viper MK IV and Asp Scout are confined and appear to be variant ships.

Below is the complete roster:
ships_1_to_10 ships_11_to_20 ships_21_to_31