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Details of new ship emerge from LaveCon 2015

top_secretThis weekend is LaveCon 2015, the convention for the game of Elite and the science fiction universe that surrounds it.

The event is organised by the creators of the Lave Radio podcast, the weekly web-based chat show and this year the event is pretty big. I’m told the first LaveCon was just 40 people. This year added a hundred to that number at least.

One guest today was Frontier, who held a Question & Answer session, open to the floor. Michael Brookes, Chris Gregory and Sandro Sammarco were on the panel with Sarah-Jane Avory and Mike Evans also present.

So did they spill any beans?

Well.. yes!

Firstly they gave away a unique paint skin for the Vulture, Cobra and Asp – but sadly for you, only to those commanders present for LaveCon. This was a flaming Elite logo and a flame skin. So if you see these in game, you know that commander was here!


They then announced a new ship variant, the Imperial Eagle (Impegal) a stylish (and blue lit) variant of the Eagle, less manoeuvrable but fast and tough with a medium hard-point on the top and a bigger power plant. This Imperial variant will be very like the old Frontier II version of the Imperial Eagle (or that at least is the intention). David Braben specifically requested this ship variant.


Other gems of information that were “leaked” when the panel were questioned by the audience.

  • The Thargoids are still a way off yet, however there is already evidence of them to be found in the game.
  • The game has a ten year plan.
  • All the ships fit on a “backbone” which is an outline of the total ships and where they fit in the game, although this backbone is revised based on player feedback after each ship is introduced.
  • The LaveCon skin was done by one of the Frontier artists in his evenings to get it done specially for LaveCon.
  • No part of the game is currently considered finished. That is Frontier feel that there is plenty of room for addition and adjustment (see ten year plan).
  • The power-play characters appearance was modelled initially on the actors David Braben would have selected to play them in an Elite feature film (“which is not being made” – Michael Brookes). According to Sandro they are not all modelled on the actors that some have speculated.
  • The PC release of the free CQCC expansion will follow as rapidly as possible after the XBOX One release. So it will be exclusive for an exclusively short period!

Comments (5) -

  • Johnathan

    8/26/2016 3:53:51 PM | Reply

    It's 1 of the ships used for CQC, there is nothing top secret about it.
    Frontier will announce all the ships used in CQC soon enough.

    • CMDR Arithon

      8/26/2016 3:54:19 PM | Reply

      Sorry, but that is incorrect Johnathan, this ship is NOT in CQCC and has never been seen before LaveCon this weekend.

      The model and flight model are still being created, so it is certainly not in the XBOX or PC versions of CQCC.

      The ships in CQCC are Sidewinders, F63 Condors and the standard Eagle already in Elite.

  • Lex

    8/26/2016 3:54:54 PM | Reply

    What, another small ship? Come on frontier, give us something end-game.

    • Gutser

      8/26/2016 3:55:08 PM | Reply

      @Lex, come to us and get the end-game.

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